What you need to know about the nature of the latest mobile phones

The fight for supremacy is on for the latest mobile phones, in the mobile phone wars it’s always a competition year per year. And it has always been categorized in different weight division like in boxing.

They try to make better and better phones each year, the price might have been getting higher and higher but it also comes with new specs to win the hearts of any person out there. We’re already owned by our smart devices; probably spend more time with it that our own family in some cases and with smart phones getting smarter and smarter it only gave us more reason to use it even more. Here are the best mobile phones so far this year:


Samsung Galaxy S8 – The yearly update on its 8th installment for Samsung’s S line with the new addition S8+, along with other yearly releases like the J and A series.

Motorola Moto Z Force – Another updated from Motorola’s Moto Z that promises to be better than last year’s Moto Z and Play.

Apple iPhone 8 – What most people all have been waiting for and wouldn’t mind camping outside an iStore just to get the latest device. The iPhone 7 might have had some mix reactions because of ditching the headphone jack, but it never really wasn’t enough to topple this tech giant down.


OnePlus 4: the 4th installment to one plus one, might not be a flagship device but considering the specs that you can get, it’s pretty gnarly considering it’s cheap(way cheap).

Nokia Z2 Plus: Nokia was known not as a company that releases flagships but focused more on the mid-range and the budget friendly devices, this device is no different.

XiaomiMi Note 2: The tech giant from China that seems to be doing almost anything tech these days much like Samsung and LG.


Nokia D1C: A budget device with a big screen, great for kids and their videos. Nothing fancy but can certainly take on a few kids.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus: A phone with great build quality, the device might be budget friendly but it doesn’t mean it’s made with very cheap materials.

LeEco Le 2 Pro: Another tech giant from China that offers a good option if you no longer see any Xiaomi devices around.

Flag ship devices from the known and biggest brands battle it out with specs and new features and always an upgrade from last year’s devices. The cream of the crop, the Alpha and the Omega of the smart phone world (for a year at-least). Mid-range devices adopting the same specs offered years ago, not a flagship but a flagship worth specs a couple of years ago and passes as a good option for people who don’t really believe the hype of flagship devices. While budget friendly devices might be on the low-end side but the build quality and features make the device a worthy device for the people that don’t need all the bells and whistles and just wants a phone that can cater to their needs, kids and seasoned individuals are the people that preferred using these devices.


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