How to choose a reliable disability lawyer for your disability claims appeal? Read here

Did you know that you have the right to handle your own appeal if you are denied your benefits in the Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits? It may sound easy, however, there are a lot of complex phases where you will have difficulties understanding the policies of this disability benefits program which really makes you need to have a disability lawyer on your side.

If you are seeking a legal representative to assist you in this important matter, you have to complete the appointment of the representative so that you can choose a disability lawyer who can be your representative in your appeal to get your disability claims. You can choose one or more lawyers who are all disability advocates to represent you knowing that you cannot charge these lawyers for a fee for the service that the lawyer provides you unless the lawyer files a fee petition or a fee agreement with the social security administration where they have to agree to the amount that will be charged, or the amount that must be agreed upon, before you can move forward with your case.

Your disability lawyer will your representative and your advocate during the entire application process of your disability claims while you wait for the entire appeal process are rolling. It is very important to have disability lawyers who will represent you if you are not accustomed to processing and dealing with the bureaucratic policies of the social security administration.

lawyer for your disability

If you and your disability lawyer have reached a written agreement for the fee, the lawyer can submit it to the social security administration to get their approval, while in general, they can approve the agreement and will let you know in a form of a written agreement.

If you are looking for a disability lawyer who can represent you for your disability claims appeal to the social security administration, follow these steps to ensure that you have chosen the most reliable and competitive lawyer in the field.

  1. Expert in the law- You should learn that lawyer’s specialized in different fields, they could either handling cases from different laws like malpractice law, bankruptcy law, criminal law, disability specialist law, trust and estates, family, personal injury, employment, and business and corporate law, which each of it has different approaches during the legal proceedings.
  2. The local bar association recommends the lawyer- To determine if that lawyer has a license and a board passer, you should contact your local bar association. There, someone who is associated with the bar association can give you referrals of their registered lawyers and help you finding one that is suitable for your case’s needs.
  3. Do your own research- This is also one effective way to determine if that lawyer is reliable based on the cases he or she handled previously. From there, you can search the lawyer’s records online via news clippings, or from the bar association’s website or from any reliable information available online. The more cases the lawyer’s handled and won in the court, it would be perfect to consider in choosing that lawyer.
  4. Gather all the referred names- Why don’t you outsource, ask some people that you know about where to find a good and reliable lawyer or who is the best lawyer’s that can handle your case. This is the most effective way considering that people who have experienced dealing with a reliable lawyer would surely give you a tip who is the best one to be hired.
  5. List down all prospects- Now that you have gathered names from referrals, your research and from asking the local bar association, you should narrow down your list lawyers and contact them one-by-one.

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