Why do you need luxury vinyl flooring in Gonzales, LA?

Vinyl is undoubtedly one of the most preferred options for floorings. It is durable, waterproof, sturdy, affordable, and comes in multiple patterns and colors. However, several types of vinyl are available these days. One may feel confused about picking the right one. They can consider using luxury vinyl flooring in Gonzales, LA, if the budget allows. It is because of the advantages it has over other types.

Types of luxury vinyl

Following three types of vinyl floorings are available.

  1. Planks

These are the most popular ones out of the three. One can find planks that look exactly like hardwood. So, it can be an affordable replication of the elegant and classy wooden floorings.

  1. Tiles

These are also significantly preferred. One can find tons of options in luxury vinyl tiles. These come in several patterns and designs similar to ceramic or porcelain. So, if someone wishes to have this vibe in their place, they can opt for these tiles.

  1. Sheets

If looking for bathroom Floorings, luxury vinyl sheets are the superior option. It is more likely to withstand moisture. These come in 6 or 12 feet long sheets. It means the installation would have fewer seams, making it more water-resistant.

Advantages of luxury vinyl

Here are the top advantages of luxury vinyl flooring in Gonzales, LA, etc.

  1. These are more affordable than other premium flooring materials.
  2. The installation process is earlier and costs less than hardwood or laminate.
  3. The installation method of click and lock makes it easy to remove and replace in the future.
  4. These are durable and last up to 20 years if one takes good care.
  5. Luxury vinyl floors are easy to maintain because one needs to vacuum or clean them using a dry mop.
  6. Luxury vinyl is suitable for almost the entire house. However, one should avoid using tiles in the bathroom because these come in small sizes. More seams may lead to rapidmold growth due to moisture.

What are the downsides?

Even though luxury vinyl is a great option, everything has some downsides.

  1. This material is not easy to repair.
  2. Dragging furniture can cause scratches and internal damage.
  3. Some types of vinyl emit VOCs.
  4. Vinyl is difficult to recycle.

So, if someone wishes to opt for luxury vinyl, they should consider both sides while deciding.