Awesome Tools That Can Help You Analyze Your Competitors’ SEO Methods

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  No matter what industry you’re in or what business you do, you need to keep a close watch on your competitors to stay ahead of them. With digital marketing growing and your competitors leveraging it to gain audience, you need to keep a track on every marketing move of your competitors.

Tracking your competitors’ content, mails, search rankings, social mentions, keywords can give you an edge over them and help you fine-tune your strategies. There are various tools available that can help you spy on your competitor, like the competition keywords tool, which can help you understand the keyword your competitors use.

In this era, SEO plays an important role in the marketing strategies of a company. Learning about the SEO tactics of your competitor can give you an upper hand, and can help you optimize your business as per your requirements. There are many tools that can help you monitor your performance in addition to your competitors’ performance.

If you’re planning to track your competitors’ SEO and analyze them, here are some tools that can help you:


This is a powerful competition keywords tool that enables you to view all the data on competitors’ keywords in Google AdWords and organic search, and also provides you with relative keywords. It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is add the competitors’ keywords and get an overall view of their marketing strategy.


Alexa is one of those must-have tools to transform data into competitive values for your business. It allows you to track the global web traffic channeled by your competitors’ website. You can leverage the tool by comparing websites of different businesses in your niche, and get data on your competitors’ website ranking strategies.

SE Ranking

This tool helps you monitor your competitors’ search rankings in target locations and search engines. SE Ranking can provide you detailed reports of the traffic forecast, average positions, and website visibility of your competitors. Using this, you can easily find out the SEO techniques of your competitors.

Awesome Tools That Can Help You Analyze Your Competitors’ SEO MethodsInfiGraph

This tool is aimed to track the latest trend in social media. It has a unique attribute that combines consumer and brand interactions in real time with the use of targeting to find what’s popular right now. You can use this tool to learn what’s trending, and can plan your content as per the demands of the target audience.


This is a multifunctional tool designed for the advertising industry that enables you to find the ads of your competitors running on different websites. It gives you detailed information about the places and sizes of the ads that are used by your competitors. Moat also provides you with a guide on how to place your ads effectively on different sources.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are several other tools that can help you keep track of your competitors. Before using any of these tools, make sure you know how to use them, and if possible, use their trial versions. This will give you an overall idea about the tool and you could be sure that it fits your goals.

New, effective and affordable Health policy of India

Healthcare has become a key factor in evaluating the Sustainable Development Growth of any country. SDG is an index which helps in evaluating a country overall growth in terms of no poverty; zero hunger; good health and well-being; quality education; gender equality; clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy; decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure; reduce inequalities; sustainable cities and communities; responsible consumption and production; climate action; life below water; life on land; peace, justice and strong institution; and partnership for the goal. These all mentioned work as behavioral anchored for any country growth and hence it also helps the country too closely looks into the matter affecting their SDG. In the recent index produced by UN India stand at the 143rd position out of 188 countries by this one can imagine the conditions and situations of the country in SDG index.

Cause of Poor health care system

Like Scandinavian countries where people average life they live is 78 years, whereas in India it is 60 to 68 approximately. The key factor of those Scandinavian countries are that there health and well being of their citizens and hence this is the most important key factor in evaluating SDG. In India, the health care system lack skilled people, lack of robust control, lack of public (government) anticipation, lack of allocation of budget to health care and lack of reliability and feasibility. However, where most of the countries spend more than 20 to 30 percent (approx) of the GDP on the health sector, whereas India due to lack of capital is helpless to allocate money for health care sector and thus badly hits the healthcare sector. In India the healthcare sector falls under Ministry of Health, Ministry of Human Resources Development and Ministry of Women and Child Development all this ministry play a key role in boosting the health unit but due to lack of effective and efficient control they rigorously fall down. India’s health sector is so broad that the government is unable to control the contingencies and continues falls in the sector.

New, effective and affordable Health policy of India

Vulnerable measures and trends New National Health Policy

India recent government has issued the New National Health Policy 2017 along with some other reforms to improve the present pursuit of the country health. The people nowadays levy their trust on the private sector based health unit, not on public health centre or any other multi-specialist hospital. Hence, in order to make the Healthcare system effective and affordable government has paid their focus on:

  • Increase the funding by 2.5 percent of the GDP by 2025
  • Robust control on the price of the health either it is equipment or medicines through NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority)
  • Enhance and improve the level of healthcare at secondary and tertiary unit or centres
  • Introduction of Capitation fee model
  • District Hospital should be strengthened with due importance to public funding
  • SD hospital also need to be strengthened for which NHSO (National Health Care Standard Organization) has been proposed to established in order to provide Provide evidence-based standard management guidelines
  • NDHA (National Digital Health Authority) to be set up in order to deploy, develop and regulate the digital health care across the health care unit.
  • AYUSH and ASHA both will be the mainstream line in promoting the health care unit.
  • To improve the life expectancy, reduce the mortality and also eradicate the malicious price tag on the medicine and medical equipment.

However, some of the steps are taken on based on future certainty but besides this there is huge work which is still undone such as lack of skilled person, high price exercised by private multispecialist hospital, cost of medical health insurance is also high which people still dubious to invest in such policy etc., so government must also make effort to eradicate them from the society.

Healthy life leads to ideal Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a blessing for looking younger and living longer. You may depend on healthy diet and physical, spiritual practices and natural solutions. Here are some examples:

Apothecary Bars to Gen Z Meditation: At home, you can practice Keira and CLAIR-S that improve your sleep. You would use sound air purification. If you are health-conscious, you may join Star Night Healing in Japanese planetarium. These have de-stressing aromas and meditation classes. The younger Generation Z takes courses to release stress.

You are what you eat. The Roots’ Cinnamon Clusters is recognised as nation’s first Certified Biodynamic breakfast cereal. Cereal has cane sugar from Paraguay and cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Biodynamic agriculture is an alternative method of growing crops. Lots of emphases are put into balancing ecosystem for biodiversity and composting on site. This cinnamon breakfast cereal is packaged in the milk carton that is poured, sealed and recycled.

Healthy life leads to ideal Lifestyle,

Nature’s Own Life Bread are Healthy options that replace can replace alternative normal bread. These loaves are absolutely free of corn syrup, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. The bread has six different varieties – 7 Sprouted Grains, Wheat-cum-Protein, Double Fiber Wheat, 40 Calories Honey Wheat, 40 Calories Wheat and 100% Whole Grain Sugar-Free. These bread made for alternative diets to enjoy the bread. Nature’s Own Bread have more protein, fibre and grains but fewer amounts of sodium, sugar and calories.

Fourth & Heart Now Offers Ghee Oil in a Convenient, Sprayable Format: Ghee is clarified butter used for cooking since ancient India. The Company has made a convenient method of sprayable ghee for consumers. The Company sells gourmet clarified butter in a jar. Comparing butter and ghee, the latter has more fat concentration because moisture and milk solids are absent. Ghee may be sprayed in a non-stick pan for cooking or baking. Ghee is lactose-free so those who cannot digest milk can eat ghee.

LunchOwl is a Corporate Food Service provides healthy, delicious food for lunchtime to employees. LunchOwl provides lunch to the employees of any Company. People have to sign up on their website and specify the days of the week. LunchOwl sends them lunch accordingly. Its service provides lunches before noon on the chosen days. It uses reusable packaging to prevent waste. LunchOwl makes affordable and delicious dishes that range from $10 and all items are nutritious. The menu consists of salads, noodles-meat, sandwiches, wraps, side dishes, soups and bottled health-drinks.