Difference between a studio and service apartment:

Booking an apartment for business or vacation purposes is becoming a common scenario globally, especially in Singapore which is a big business and travel hub. The trend of booking apartments instead of hotels has increased because people want a peaceful and memorable vacation. For luxurious accommodation, people can either choose a studio or singapore serviced apartment. Let us understand the difference between the two.

  1. Space: a serviced apartment offers comparatively bigger space because it has many rooms and it is furnished too. The kitchen and washroom are also large and there are many other amenities in it. On the other hand, the studio apartment is small and it usually has a sleeping and living area and the kitchen is optional in it.
  2. Luxuries: the luxuries offered in serviced apartments might not be common in people’s homes and sometimes might not be even needed. It has things like a DVD player, TVs, refrigerator, couch, etc. a studio apartment will have necessities and smaller TV, fridge, etc.
  3. Cost: the cost of staying in a serviced apartment would be similar to that of hotels or might be somewhat cheaper. But the studio apartment is not spacious and has fewer luxuries too, so it is less costly too. Price can be different based on the amenities, space, and location of the place that you rent out.

Make sure that you check all the details and amenities along with the pricing of the place before you make a booking. For top-rated, Singapore serviced apartments visit our website https://thanksgivingresidence.com.sg/.

Arrive in Style in rented luxury cars

Getting married soon? So why not shift the gears and hitch the ride to the venue in a posh car? This will also turn some heads. With the likes of BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaquar, or Jeep all are just the booking away. Many couples are now opting for the posh car for their wedding rides. With so many options to choose it is very convenient to choose the bridal car rental in Singapore.

So the car rental service agencies are gearing up to chauffeur you down to your nuptial. Most of the bridal is choosing the ride for their ceremony and comfort is not that important factor in this case. Most of them are wishing to arrive at their marriage in style. Because when all the eyes are on you then posh car rental seems to be a very good option. The car rental service is also able to provide the Range Rover to the clients on their request. Agency is always keeping a few premium cars under their direct ownership. It also depends on the choice of the customer and the market demand. The agency is also sometimes borrowing vehicles from their friends and family members.

bridal car rental Singapore is from the last several years in this business and they are having 17 luxury cars which are kept on rolling in the weddings. When these cars are not on rent then they are parked in the garage. In this way, they keep fully maintained the posh cars and always keep them in running condition at all times.

Elektra one of the most Sativa dominant

The Elektra is one the most CBD potent that you will find and also strongest as well as rich in CBD. The hemp strain is a hybrid between the early resin berry and ACDC. If you look at the flower then you will notice that it is dark green in colour, we can say silver and has a great flavour of sweet citrus and chocolate.

About Elektra Strain

When you inhale this best cbd flower then you will experience subtle undertones of pine and it is very potent so you may be surprised by that how this hemp strain is so mellow after inhaling. This one is really great to smoke all day without getting drowsy effects or will leave you sleeping. The potent factor always energizes the person with a great combination that makes this hemp strain one of the best ones.

best cbd flower

The features you will get in this

  • It is 100% natural to use so you can use it, and you can try without thinking much.
  • Comes under the most CBD potent strains
  • You will get an experience of citrus notes and piney aftertaste
  • It is invigoration as well as energetic, so there is no problem in trying this awesome strain once if you like it.
  • The concentration of CBD present is around 18% and cannabinoids are 23%
  • The THC concentration found in this strain is around 0.634% with under 0.1% of delta-9 as well.

By trying this strain you will experience the full effects of CBD it gives while inhaling and you will like it.


Air compressors are machines used to compress the air present using electricity and using as the power to remove excess air.

They are used in various industries such as chemical industries, automobile industries, hardware industries, etc.

Sometimes air compressor is also used in medical and dental fields as it has its own value there. It is also a very important part of the medical industry. They are used for compression.  air compressor singapore is used in various parts of the world as it offers one of the best ones in the market. It is made up of a good hardware metal and some alloys so they are durable and long-lasting. When you start using it use it with care and always read the user instruction guide before setting it up. This will reduce the damage if may occur.  Even the weight of the machine is very low so it’s easily portable and can be used by workers efficiently. Always an air compressor should have low weight this helps in easy movement of the object. Even for various options, an air compressor is the best go. They are also used in dry-cleaning industries for various reasons. Air compressors are also used in some household purposes and are nowadays being bought by many homemakers.

Always follow the user instructions before using the air compressor and take good care of it so it does not get rusted and spoilt. The product is in demand and should be bought very quickly as the stocks may finish quickly.