Local Handyman In Fultondale: – A Maintenance Man

A Handyman often called a maintenance man, do basic maintenance in various business or homes. Their main duties are repairing plumbing systems, fixing different equipment or tools, and testing various companies or appliances to ensure the completion of work.

Duties and responsibilities of a handyman

local handyman in Fultondale generally does electrical, mechanical, and plumbing-related work. Depending on the requirement of the company, they may engage employees to ensure exterior work and its maintenance. Some common duties of a handyman are as follows: –

  • Electrical repairs in various areas.
  • Ensure proper working of mechanical equipment.
  • General cleaning and maintenance.
  • Installing and repairing piping, stairs, and floors as needed.
  • Cleaning and recycling of trash.

Required skills and qualifications

A highly skilled handyman will have basic plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and customer service knowledge. The candidate will have skills in a wide range of areas.

Handyman skills and qualifications are as follows: –

  • Ability to safely use handy tools.
  • HVAC knowledge.
  • Repairing skills.
  • Experience in installing and repairing.
  • Good management.

Salary and expectations

The average salary is around 500-600 rupees per hour. The exact salary may vary depending on geographical location, experience, and work.

Education and required training                   

There are diplomas in technical fields that provide skills in various tools and experience, some states require that anyone who performs well in the field of electronics, plumber, or HAVC technician will be licensed. This certification requirement may include a contractor’s license. Or maybe an intermediate degree is preferred for this role, but not always required.

Experience requirement

If a business is hiring a team then of several, then prior experience may not be required, because of the pool of entry-level candidates. If someone is hiring a few handymen then their experience plays an important role in the selection criteria for the job, then experience of 2 years must be required for the to handle the work. A specialized facility may require prior experience in a similar setting.

Job description of peer positions

The peers of a handyman are a plumber and a labour.