Die Casting Suitable For Zinc And Copper

Die casting is a process in which a metal is melted into molten stage and poured into a mould cavity under high pressure. The mould is used to cast castings which are made up of non-ferrous metals like zinc, lead, copper, aluminum and magnesium. There are thousands of companies are in the die casting industry. Out of those, only a very few companies manufacture high quality die casting. EKO industries belong to those companies. They produce die casting and metal plates made up of all kind of metals. They use several unique die casting methods for different kinds of metals. EKO industries produce precise and accurate castings using the precision die casting method. Precision die casting is mainly classified into two type’s cold chamber die casting and hot chamber die casting.

Cold chamber die casting method used for the metals like zinc and copper. The main advantage of this casting is the chamber is always cool so that the metals with high melting points can be casted. In this method the metal is melted in a separate furnace. Then the molten metal is transported to a cold chamber in precise amount. The molten metal is fed to an unheated shot chamber and poured into the die using a hydraulic piston. This process helps to produce castings stronger than parts produced by any other methods.

The only disadvantage in this method is the cycle time. Compared to hot chamber die casting, this casting method takes more time. But EKO industries use this method to increase the durability and life time of the castings they produce. Their castings are more precise, durable and cost efficient. That makes them different from the other die casting companies. It is located in Malaysia and one of the leading die casting companies of the country.