Difference between a studio and service apartment:

Booking an apartment for business or vacation purposes is becoming a common scenario globally, especially in Singapore which is a big business and travel hub. The trend of booking apartments instead of hotels has increased because people want a peaceful and memorable vacation. For luxurious accommodation, people can either choose a studio or singapore serviced apartment. Let us understand the difference between the two.

  1. Space: a serviced apartment offers comparatively bigger space because it has many rooms and it is furnished too. The kitchen and washroom are also large and there are many other amenities in it. On the other hand, the studio apartment is small and it usually has a sleeping and living area and the kitchen is optional in it.
  2. Luxuries: the luxuries offered in serviced apartments might not be common in people’s homes and sometimes might not be even needed. It has things like a DVD player, TVs, refrigerator, couch, etc. a studio apartment will have necessities and smaller TV, fridge, etc.
  3. Cost: the cost of staying in a serviced apartment would be similar to that of hotels or might be somewhat cheaper. But the studio apartment is not spacious and has fewer luxuries too, so it is less costly too. Price can be different based on the amenities, space, and location of the place that you rent out.

Make sure that you check all the details and amenities along with the pricing of the place before you make a booking. For top-rated, Singapore serviced apartments visit our website https://thanksgivingresidence.com.sg/.