Smoke or Fog machine and its working

Fog machine is equipment that is used by professionals of entertainment industry in order to create vapors which has similar appearance and effect as fog.

These smoke or fog machines now come in portable form and can be used to add more fun to your event like private parties or haunted houses.

Using these fog machines also known as heat exchangers which can be get from event special effects rental singapore is used to produce several effects such as:

  • event special effects rental singaporeFog – When you mix a fog fluid in this machine, it will be heated until the liquid is vaporizes to turn into a visible cloud and is thick.
  • Smoke – Smoke effects can be created by this machine using Smoke cookies, cartridges or other inflammable substances.
  • Liquid Carbon dioxide – When Carbon dioxide is mixed with a special fog fluid, it produce thick and powerful plumes. This material is released in to atmosphere, it is expanded in to vapor and condense moisture in air and thus producing special effects.
  • Haze – Haze fluid is a substance which is used by this machine in order to produce effects similar to lightning beams.
  • Liquid Nitrogen – It is heated inside the smoke machine until boiling point thus creating steam and increase moisture. While the humidity condenses, thick white fog is created.

All the above given reactions will take place within the machine and once the vapor comes out of it, it reacts with outside air and a thick fog is formed.