Technology has come a long way.The need to change our society was easily solved by the coming of technology.Our cultures have changed.Our lifestyles have changed. We are no longer the backward and primitive people we used to be those gone days and years.Our society has been transformed. The information has in the process contributed to the coming of bitcoins. Started in 2009, when its software was first installed, bitcoins have enjoyed wider popularity. The Bitcoin price is a very valuable thing.It appears technology is our asset. It is used everywhere we go. We have come from far. Our society has really improved. We are now modernized and advanced.It means our society no longer pulls itself down.Bitcoins have really changed our world. The many changes that come are meant to make us look better .WE are a totally changed society. Bitcoins has given people a lot of wealth. It is a matter of investing. We must ensure we are free from prejudice. We need progress.The Enemies of progress are known. The coming of bitcoins has ensured that we are changed, people.

Bitcoins has its many illegal transactions that normally occur. These have made us lose a lot of money. We need these services of security agents. We must be protected. Otherwise, we are worried about losing our wealth to thieves. We are our own persons. Our lives are our own.We must look for a way of surviving. The corrupt security agents easily get compromised. We are worried because of this trend. When they are bribed our operation becomes difficult. We must let the long arm of the government to help us with time. The thieves will finally be tracked and arrested. We are a free nation.Our economy must grow in the right way. When we involve the bitcoins, the economy can really shoot up. We must be safe and secure. The thieves can finish us. We must be prevented from doing what they normally do. Without technology there could be no schools, hospitals, vehicles, smartphones, just to mention but a few. Technology has really changed our lives for the better. WE shall need technology always to give us the necessary changes at all times.