How gaming websites like FreeBitCo can help you earn Bitcoins!

Yes, you read that right! With the sudden increase in the buying, selling, and exchange of Bitcoins, we have a new player in town. FreeBitCo is a Bitcoin faucet through which you can earn Bitcoins without the need of investing your money. Here is all that you need to know about FreeBitCo.

Working Methodology

Playing on this website will help you earn Satoshis, which is the structural part of a Bitcoin. All that you have to do is to visit the website regularly and make a roll. According to the value of the roll, Satoshis will be credited to your account. The website also gives you reward points and possible tickets to the lottery. You will know that its the time to roll when there is no countdown on the page and you are asked to enter the ReCaptcha instead. You can even choose to receive reward points instead of tickets.

gaming websites like FreeBitCo

What you can do with your Reward Points

The website has a rewards tab that shows you the list of prizes that can be traded for your points. To make your gains more interesting, you can make the exchange on a day when you have maximum access to your laptop which will help you increase your balance while helping in the accumulation of reward points.

Payment with interest rates

This is a feature that you can gain access to when you use the website at least for 3 years. If you have over 0.0003 ฿ as a balance on your account, you will receive an annual interest rate of 4.08%. The calculation for the daily interest rates is done at random hours of the day while taking into account the balance at the given point of time.

While this faucet is surely effective, you cannot predict tomorrow. Even if you withdraw regularly, ensure that you leave a minimum balance on freebitco which will still give you interest.