The wonders of Bitcoin

                Bitcoins are pretty valuable and it could be worth a lot. If you have one Bitcoin it is more than enough to get everything you desire. BTC price now is around 7561.86 USD this is just one. So just imagine what you can buy.

The Advantages of using Bitcoin

            But before think of all the things you want to buy there are some advantages of bitcoins, like it has a greater liquidity relative to other cryptocurrencies, and it is a also widely accepted as a payment method. So it makes paying a convenience for you. There are also lower transaction fees.

The disadvantage of it


            So there are also some negative effects that you have to deal with, like BTC prices can be high due to its volatility, also when you buy something and don’t like it you can’t return it as there is a no refund and cashback policy. There is also high exposure to scams and fraud, plus there are some environmental ills of Bitcoin mining.

What can you buy?

            Well you can buy a lot of things, here are some of them, you can buy more than an ounce of gold, as it surpasses the value of gold, and it is also equivalent to more than 77431 hours on Netflix, a flight across the world. And you pizza lovers can get so much and I mean so much pizza, it’s amazing. Now there are so much things you can get if you have juts one Bitcoin.