Brisket: a brief study of the types

Beef Brisket singapore is a piece of beef or veal meat out from the breast or lower chest. The brisket is among nine beef fundamental cuts, albeit the cut’s definition varies from country to country. Generally weighing between 11-20 pounds, it is one of the most sought-after types of braised beef. A must-have in all barbeques.

Typically cut in two ways: point and flat cut. Despite that these cuts come from the same primal piece of beef, they have very different qualities and flavors, which can have a big impact on the final shape of your brisket.

 How to cook it?

It can be baked, boiled, or roasted in a variety of methods. Basting the meat is the most important step while cooking the brisket. It ensures that the meat is super tender and very flavorful. It is not a soft cut of meat due to the high amount of collagen content. This is broken down during the basting and the long cooking process of the meat.

The most popular and easy method of cooking a brisket is by marinating the cured meat for a few hours or massaging with a spice rub and then cooking it over a light indirect flame for another few hours. The type of wood used for the charcoal also affects the taste of the meat. The type of cut is also different for the two processes of smoking and braising.

One can get a piece of this meat from anywhere but the best cuts are available at a butcher’s ship rather than a grocery store.