List Of Richest Celebrities Playing Casino Games

Many Hollywood stars are fond of playing casino games. There is no surprise in it. There are some celebrities, who have a nice chunk of spending money, which they can use for entertainment. It is very true that theylead a high stress life. You might think about long hours on set and paparazzi that chase them around. This is the reason why they also want to live their life in a different manner, according to their choice and interests. They play a wide range of casino games and earn a huge sum of money, which contribute towards their earnings. Check out the celebrity net worth wiki for those celebrities, who have earned money through casinos.

So, start knowing about some celebrities along with the category of casino games, they have played in:

Slot players

Slots are one of the interesting games among celebrities. This game offers fast payouts, and very easy to play with countless hours of entertainment. The names of some celebrities, who have played the slot games and have obtained a lot of money, are available online. You can look at the celebrity net worth wiki online, if you want to get an idea about the net worth they have and what casino games havecontributed to their earnings. The list includes Pamela Anderson, Drew Carey, Clint Eastwood and Gene Simmons.

Blackjack players

Celebrities who played the Blackjack, which is one of the most payout games than others, are Meat Loaf, Melissa Joan Hart, and Snoop Dogg. It is also an interesting and easy to play casino game with higher payouts. These celebrities have earned in million dollars.

Poker players

Gambling has a lot of fun for everyone. However, at the same time, it also offers a huge value of money. Celebrities like gambling and most of them are playing the poker games. If you are interested to find out celebrities that gamble, then poker seems to be a jackpot for them. Particularly in recent years, this game has considerably become popular in different parts of the world. Richest people including celebrities have been playing this game everywhere for many years. They do it for different purposes. Some go for the charity, others want fun, and a few want to be in the name list of well-known people. Some celebrities with high net worth, who love poker games,include Jason Alexander, Shannon Elizabeth, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Most of these celebrities are actors and actresses.