Making Your Own Fougasse Is Easy

Cooking is an art. Culinary is a skill which impresses everyone. It is the art of how you can make people smile with food. Food is like a universal language. Everyone receives food with a smile on their face. Generally speaking, not everyone is a chef. Not everyone can cook anything well. However, just like everything else, cooking comes with practice. You can look upon the internet or even pick up a cookbook and learn various recipes to cook delicacies in your kitchen every day. Make your kitchen suspense; what could be cooking today?

Learn about fougasse

Bread is widely consumed all over the world. White bread, brown bread, banana bread, or fougasse, maybe. Did you know about fougasse? It is one of the tastiest bread. Originated from the French, it is slashed or assembled into a pattern. Therefore, a fougasse does not even look like a regular loaf of bread.

Fougasse is used majorly while cooking calzone, a French version of the calzone to be specific. One can also add other variations like adding nuts, fruities, goat cheese, and olives.

How to make a fougasse?

Well, the taste of that bread is good enough to tickle your tongue into wanting more. So, shouldn’t you ever try to bring that recipe into your kitchen?

Making a fougasse is not much of a complicated task. Take a deep breath, believe in yourself; you can do this.

Go on, get some flour, salt, yeast, olive oil, warm water, fresh rosemary, freshly chopped thyme, sage, servolina, and some sea salt for making the perfect dish. Start by greasing the container in which you are planning to put in your batter. Take flour, yeast, and salt, mix them into a bowl. Stir the bowl slowly, enjoy the process. This is going to get you joy. Then, gradually add the other ingredients into the bowl. Keep stirring the batter. Once everything is mixed well, put it into the pan and then finally into the oven.

Bake the bread for the next 15 to 20 minutes. Watch the dough turn golden. And finally, when it looks fine, it’s done.

You can also learn how to make your own fougasse from other recipes on the internet as well.