One of the first things you should know about Southern Maryland Chronicles (SMC) is that we’re proud to be completely local — which means that not only do we provide quality local news, but we also produce original content by South Maryland locals. As with any publication, you want to be sure to have all the facts before jumping in and helping support SMC with your hard-earned money and time — so here are three things you should know about SMC, you can also go to southernmarylandchronicle.com for more details.

What We Are About

At southernmarylandchronicles.com, we believe that everyone has a story worth telling. We are a platform for people in the community to share their stories, whether it be through writing, photography, or video. We believe that by sharing our stories, we can build a stronger, more connected community.

What We Cover

At Southern Maryland Chronicles, we cover everything from local news and events to historical pieces and features on the people and places that make our region special. We’re always looking for new stories to share, so if you have something you think we should know about, drop us a line!

Why you should check us out: Whether you’re a long time resident of Southern Maryland or just passing through, you’ll find something of interest on our site.

Who Is Our Audience?

Our audience is people who want to know what’s going on in Southern Maryland. They might be from the area and want to keep up with local news, or they might be from elsewhere and want to learn about what’s going on in the region.