Important Traits That Every Aspiring Lawyer Should Acquire

As the popular saying goes “There are no shortcuts to succeed in life,” there are no shortcuts or alternate ways to become a good lawyer. However, you can posses or acquire some traits and skills that might give you an edge among your competition to become a good lawyer. You might think that you already have the primary skills like, attention to detail, writing ability, sound judgement, and others, but there alone are not sufficient.

There are many other skill sets and trait that you need to develop to achieve the ideal career in law. You can work on acquiring these skills and get them developed over time to be a good lawyer. As the other popular saying goes “practice makes perfect,” here are a few traits that you should consider developing  to become a successful lawyer:

Excellent communication and command over language

It’s mandatory for a lawyer to be orally eloquent, possess good writing skills and also be good at listening. This is why it’s important for all the aspiring lawyers to have a great command over the language and have good communication skills. Lawyers need to constantly argue in the courtroom in front of the jury and the judges and are also required to speak in public which makes it even more important.

You can develop your communication skills by taking part in various literary activities, like public speaking. Reading different books can also help you gain a great command over the language.

Important Traits That Every Aspiring Lawyer Should Acquire

Attitude, aptitude and analytics

These traits are very important for lawyers; these traits enable a lawyer to analyze the problems and derive calculated conclusions from them. You must be able to draw logical conclusions and assumptions from the limited information that is provided to you. For that you need good analytical skills, which will help you evaluate the cases at hand.


Lawyers need to indulge themselves in extensive research on topics related to the cases they are handling. They need to do it quickly and effectively, keeping in mind the needs of their clients to prepare legal strategies. This is why you should be ready to research deeply and absorb and comprehend a large amount of information, to find things that are relevant to the case.

Develop people skills

No matter how well one does academically, at the end of the day  what matter is lawyers work for the people and with the people and the decisions that are made affect people’s lives. This is why it’s important for the lawyers to be able to read the minds of their clients, which can allow them to judge the honesty of the people.

You should be very observant and should be able to read the minds of people and clients. To develop these skills you need to watch people closely and observe the subtle changes that can define their thinking.

Be creative

The best lawyers not only are analytical and think logically, but they are also very creative. You might come across some cases where the best solution is not always the most obvious and in order to get ahead of your challenger you need to think and act out of the box. This trait will also help you in the long run and ensure you become a very good lawyer.

7 Supplements That Your Body Might Need

Are you setting up some training or workout goals for yourselves? Confused about what supplements to take? Supplements are essential if you want to achieve some specific body workouts, like weight loss, body building, sports, and more. Only thing to remember is that supplements are only added nutrients that are used for enhancing your training and overdosing wouldn’t help either.

Here’s a list of 7 supplements that are essential for enhancing specific physical or mental growth. All these supplements are available over the counter and are safe to be consumed.

  1. L-Glutamine

Glutamine is one of the many amino acids in our body and it’s also the most commonly occurring one. It plays a great role in preventing catabolism by transporting enough nitrogen to your muscles. Glutamine is also known to promote protein synthesis, enhance the immune system, restore your energy levels, and improves metabolism. While working out heavily, the glutamine levels in your body might go down and you’ll require supplements.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is widely regarded as an antioxidant and it often used for the treating common cold. This supplement is being researched and everyday scientists come up with new findings, like it can fight against tumor thereby preventing cancer and more. But it’s the only single vitamin that’s known to boost the immune system. You can consume upto 40 mg of vitamin C everyday.

  1. Beta Alanine

If you are a sportsperson, you should know the importance of carnosine. It’s very much essential for making your muscles fit for the sport. Beta Alanine supplements help in regulating the carnosine levels in your muscles. This non-essential amino acid can stabilize the PH levels in your muscles and results in better athletic performance.

  1. Spirulina

This protein rich supplement is nothing but algae that grows in the tropical and sub-tropical waters. It’s considered as a complete health supplement owing to its high antioxidant contents. Spirulina is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, fatty acids, and many other components. This is more like a core supplement that promotes the overall health of your body.

  1. Sesamin

Sesamin supplement is very famous for its fat loss properties. Its helps you shed some extra fat by oxidizing the fat cells and making it easier for the body to burn the existing body fat. It also helps prevent accumulation of excess fat by breaking down the calories. It’s a great alternative to thermogenic fat burners.

  1. Glucosamine

It’s a supplement that’s a combination of both glucose and glutamine amino acid. It is useful in repairing the bone cartilage and other soft tissues. Glucosamine is naturally produced in your body, but as you get old the level of glucosamine goes down. It’s a great supplement for people suffering from rheumatic arthritis and osteoporosis. It’s also suggested for heavy weightlifters who often tend to get bone damage.

  1. ZMA

ZMA is a good recovery aid for bodybuilders and athletes. It increases the testosterone level upto 30 pc, and helps in speedy recovery from muscle contraction, torn ligaments, and more. ZMA has zero side effects and it’s better to start with smaller doses.

Awesome Tips to Record Videos in Your Actions Camera Like a Pro

Photography lovers and the people who want to record all the moments of their lives tend to regard cameras as an important asset. People have been traditionally recording their videos trough their point and shoot cameras, DSLRs, and camcorders. These gadgets though provide good video recordings, they are not robust and cannot be included in action as there are chances of the cameras getting damaged.

This is why action cameras were invented; theses cameras are small light and can be included in action by mounting on anything that you can think of. These cameras provide great video recording quality and can be used in all weather conditions. They can also be used underwater as most of them are water resistant.

Action cameras provide great freedom to people for recording videos whenever they want and in all conditions. However, using these action cameras can be a little tricky, since most of them don’t have viewfinders. People new to using these cameras can miss the recording angles, which could result in bad videos.

Awesome Tips to Record Videos in Your Actions Camera Like a Pro

If you’re new to using these action cameras, here are some tips and tricks that can help you record videos like a pro:


All the professional photographers and pro video makers tend to agree on one common fact that, thecamera is not always the key factor that enables you to take best videos. They emphasize that a good picture or video depends on the person who clicks or records it. This is why it’s recommended that you should be confident about what you record in your action camera. Confidence will boost you to record good videos.


Creativity is what makes your video attractive and different from others. Don’t imitate any videos that you have recently viewed, instead look for possibilities of making a video in your own style. Always remember you with your action camera can take awesome videos that can create ahuge stir among your friends and other photographers. This is why it’s recommended that you follow your own style and creativity.

Shaking issues

 Shaking issues are the most common mistake that people tend to make while shooting videos through their action cameras. The action cameras being small and compact miss out on some video stabilization capabilities, this is why they are more prone to shaking and vibrations.  The best way to address the shaking issue is to invest in good mounts and stable straps that ensure that the camera doesn’t vibrate or shake.

Use angles

Generally, in most action cameras you get wide-angle lenses. These lenses enable you to take wide shots of the subject and provide you great shooting angles. Use these angles to your advantage and take a shot from different angles; this will bring the best out of your recordings.

Edit the video and use filters

There are many external filters available that can provide a great professional touch to your videos. You can use these filters in different conditions, like using red filters for underwater recording, neutral filter for places where there is excess lighting, and much more. Choose your filters wisely and record, this will provide your recorded videos a great feel.

After recording the video, it’s recommended that you edit it providing it some final touches. Try to be creative while editing your videos and don’t hesitate to try different things. Good editing will lead your videos to look professional.

Choosing Between Bear Back Scratchers and Regular Ones

Most people have tried to scratch backs against wall corners and door jams in vain attempts to get relief from back itchy spots. Animals, like apes, bears, and others, have an easy way to scratch their back with the vast nature at their disposal. They go the huge trees when they live in the woods with super-scratchy bark.

You might not be fortunate enough to live in the woods to scratch your back against the big trees. Fortunately, there are back scratchers that can be mounted indoors on your walls or doors to get really great scratch. You can even choose the smaller handy back scratchers which come in different materials, sizes, and shapes.

Ample benefits of bear back scratchers

Bear back scratchers are 18-inches long made with rows of hundreds of scratching spikes which are flexible and come in the shape of gentle arc. It’s as simple as rubbing your back against the wall attached with bear back scratchers to get a really good scratch. It makes a great gift for just about anybody with itchy backs.

Some bear back scratchers come with limited features, like they can be mounted only to the wall corners or door jams. Choose a bear back scratcher that can be attached to just about any place in your house from flat walls to corner of the walls.

Choosing Between Bear Back Scratchers and Regular Ones

Here’s what you can expect from a bear back scratcher:

  1. Build to last for ages to come

The flexible scratching spikes are made from a polypropylene which provides the unique scratching experience which you might get with other alternatives. Back scratching frame is made from industrial grade elements which make bear back scratchers to last longer than the regular ones.

  1. One size fits all model

Bear back scratches can be used by just about anybody rather than the ones which are personalized for just a single individual to use. You might not have to purchase individual back scratcher for every person in the house when you have bear back scratchers.

  1. Worry not about the extra hardware

You don’t have to worry about purchasing any extra brackets to mount the bear back scratcher to your wall, you’ll get all the necessary mounting brackets and hardware with it. Fixing them to your wall is a cake walk, measure the height, mount the brackets to your wall, and finally attach the bear back scratchers to the wall.

Back scratchers vs. bear back scratchers

You might be in a dilemma when you have to choose between bear back scratchers and the regular back scratchers. The regular back scratchers come in a variety of types, size, and shapes to choose from, while bear back scratchers are limited to a particular model. You can’t be much choosy about you choices when you wish for a bear back scratchers over the regular back scratchers.

You might not be able to take the bear back scratchers wherever you go, it’s suggested that you go for the normal back scratchers if you wish to back scratcher on the go. Sometimes it’s a matter of personal choice to select between bear back scratcher and the regular ones.

How to Set Perfect SEO Goals for Your Business

Search engine optimization is a popular strategy that’s being employed by all the online marketers. Even if you’re into tech-based business or art works, you would need SEO works to make your online portal easily accessible to users. The broadened benefit of this digital marketing tactic has made it mandatory for almost all business types.

When in an online forum you’ll need thousands of visitors and users to get your business going. SEO is the best way to acquire customers for your business. Application of good SEO practices and tactics can easily get you more visitors and will also boost your search engine ranking.

But how do you measure your SEO progress? That’s why you need to set some goals for your SEO practices. Here are few ways you can set some realistic goals for your SEO works:

Get to know your available resources

Your goals need to have a valid financial support to be achieved. Many new entrepreneurs think that SEO is very simple marketing strategy. But, the truth is, it’s not so easy to optimize your website. You can’t simply optimize your webpage overnight and make it top the search list. The type and amount of effort you put for optimization will directly impact the results.

How to Set Perfect SEO Goals for Your Business

There are several things that you ought to look into before setting your SEO goals. Consider the man-hours that’s required for the work. Will you be doing it yourself? Are you going to hire a SEO person? Next, consider how you’re going to design your SEO works, like how many onsite contents and offsite contents, back linking, keyword research, and more. This will help you set realistic goals for your SEO requirements.

Measure your performance over long time periods

When it comes to gaining popularity some business might try building in organic traffic to increase their search engine ranking. But over time in organic traffic will fizzle out and your online activity might slow down. One good way to overcome this is by measuring your progress using long time periods. You can’t rapidly go up in a span of few days because SEO takes a long time to give good results. That’s why you should measure your progress using long timelines.

Relative measurements work better than any other forms. Stop aiming for objective goals, like 10,000 visitors in two months because it will only mislead you to attract inorganic traffic. Rather, aim for some concrete goals, like gaining 10% visitor growth over a timespan.

Update your SEO practices from time to time

SEO is never the same; it’s an ongoing process that changes from time to time. If you set some goals and keep following that in one single way alone, you’ll not achieve them. You need to modify and improve your SEO skills from time to time, depending on the marketing trends. It’s actually a fluid process and changes from time to time. Working on old SEO practices will never help you improve, so start taking up the new SEO trends and make your marketing successful.

Awesome Tools That Can Help You Analyze Your Competitors’ SEO Methods

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  No matter what industry you’re in or what business you do, you need to keep a close watch on your competitors to stay ahead of them. With digital marketing growing and your competitors leveraging it to gain audience, you need to keep a track on every marketing move of your competitors.

Tracking your competitors’ content, mails, search rankings, social mentions, keywords can give you an edge over them and help you fine-tune your strategies. There are various tools available that can help you spy on your competitor, like the competition keywords tool, which can help you understand the keyword your competitors use.

In this era, SEO plays an important role in the marketing strategies of a company. Learning about the SEO tactics of your competitor can give you an upper hand, and can help you optimize your business as per your requirements. There are many tools that can help you monitor your performance in addition to your competitors’ performance.

If you’re planning to track your competitors’ SEO and analyze them, here are some tools that can help you:


This is a powerful competition keywords tool that enables you to view all the data on competitors’ keywords in Google AdWords and organic search, and also provides you with relative keywords. It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is add the competitors’ keywords and get an overall view of their marketing strategy.


Alexa is one of those must-have tools to transform data into competitive values for your business. It allows you to track the global web traffic channeled by your competitors’ website. You can leverage the tool by comparing websites of different businesses in your niche, and get data on your competitors’ website ranking strategies.

SE Ranking

This tool helps you monitor your competitors’ search rankings in target locations and search engines. SE Ranking can provide you detailed reports of the traffic forecast, average positions, and website visibility of your competitors. Using this, you can easily find out the SEO techniques of your competitors.

Awesome Tools That Can Help You Analyze Your Competitors’ SEO MethodsInfiGraph

This tool is aimed to track the latest trend in social media. It has a unique attribute that combines consumer and brand interactions in real time with the use of targeting to find what’s popular right now. You can use this tool to learn what’s trending, and can plan your content as per the demands of the target audience.


This is a multifunctional tool designed for the advertising industry that enables you to find the ads of your competitors running on different websites. It gives you detailed information about the places and sizes of the ads that are used by your competitors. Moat also provides you with a guide on how to place your ads effectively on different sources.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are several other tools that can help you keep track of your competitors. Before using any of these tools, make sure you know how to use them, and if possible, use their trial versions. This will give you an overall idea about the tool and you could be sure that it fits your goals.

New, effective and affordable Health policy of India

Healthcare has become a key factor in evaluating the Sustainable Development Growth of any country. SDG is an index which helps in evaluating a country overall growth in terms of no poverty; zero hunger; good health and well-being; quality education; gender equality; clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy; decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure; reduce inequalities; sustainable cities and communities; responsible consumption and production; climate action; life below water; life on land; peace, justice and strong institution; and partnership for the goal. These all mentioned work as behavioral anchored for any country growth and hence it also helps the country too closely looks into the matter affecting their SDG. In the recent index produced by UN India stand at the 143rd position out of 188 countries by this one can imagine the conditions and situations of the country in SDG index.

Cause of Poor health care system

Like Scandinavian countries where people average life they live is 78 years, whereas in India it is 60 to 68 approximately. The key factor of those Scandinavian countries are that there health and well being of their citizens and hence this is the most important key factor in evaluating SDG. In India, the health care system lack skilled people, lack of robust control, lack of public (government) anticipation, lack of allocation of budget to health care and lack of reliability and feasibility. However, where most of the countries spend more than 20 to 30 percent (approx) of the GDP on the health sector, whereas India due to lack of capital is helpless to allocate money for health care sector and thus badly hits the healthcare sector. In India the healthcare sector falls under Ministry of Health, Ministry of Human Resources Development and Ministry of Women and Child Development all this ministry play a key role in boosting the health unit but due to lack of effective and efficient control they rigorously fall down. India’s health sector is so broad that the government is unable to control the contingencies and continues falls in the sector.

New, effective and affordable Health policy of India

Vulnerable measures and trends New National Health Policy

India recent government has issued the New National Health Policy 2017 along with some other reforms to improve the present pursuit of the country health. The people nowadays levy their trust on the private sector based health unit, not on public health centre or any other multi-specialist hospital. Hence, in order to make the Healthcare system effective and affordable government has paid their focus on:

  • Increase the funding by 2.5 percent of the GDP by 2025
  • Robust control on the price of the health either it is equipment or medicines through NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority)
  • Enhance and improve the level of healthcare at secondary and tertiary unit or centres
  • Introduction of Capitation fee model
  • District Hospital should be strengthened with due importance to public funding
  • SD hospital also need to be strengthened for which NHSO (National Health Care Standard Organization) has been proposed to established in order to provide Provide evidence-based standard management guidelines
  • NDHA (National Digital Health Authority) to be set up in order to deploy, develop and regulate the digital health care across the health care unit.
  • AYUSH and ASHA both will be the mainstream line in promoting the health care unit.
  • To improve the life expectancy, reduce the mortality and also eradicate the malicious price tag on the medicine and medical equipment.

However, some of the steps are taken on based on future certainty but besides this there is huge work which is still undone such as lack of skilled person, high price exercised by private multispecialist hospital, cost of medical health insurance is also high which people still dubious to invest in such policy etc., so government must also make effort to eradicate them from the society.

Healthy life leads to ideal Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a blessing for looking younger and living longer. You may depend on healthy diet and physical, spiritual practices and natural solutions. Here are some examples:

Apothecary Bars to Gen Z Meditation: At home, you can practice Keira and CLAIR-S that improve your sleep. You would use sound air purification. If you are health-conscious, you may join Star Night Healing in Japanese planetarium. These have de-stressing aromas and meditation classes. The younger Generation Z takes courses to release stress.

You are what you eat. The Roots’ Cinnamon Clusters is recognised as nation’s first Certified Biodynamic breakfast cereal. Cereal has cane sugar from Paraguay and cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Biodynamic agriculture is an alternative method of growing crops. Lots of emphases are put into balancing ecosystem for biodiversity and composting on site. This cinnamon breakfast cereal is packaged in the milk carton that is poured, sealed and recycled.

Healthy life leads to ideal Lifestyle,

Nature’s Own Life Bread are Healthy options that replace can replace alternative normal bread. These loaves are absolutely free of corn syrup, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. The bread has six different varieties – 7 Sprouted Grains, Wheat-cum-Protein, Double Fiber Wheat, 40 Calories Honey Wheat, 40 Calories Wheat and 100% Whole Grain Sugar-Free. These bread made for alternative diets to enjoy the bread. Nature’s Own Bread have more protein, fibre and grains but fewer amounts of sodium, sugar and calories.

Fourth & Heart Now Offers Ghee Oil in a Convenient, Sprayable Format: Ghee is clarified butter used for cooking since ancient India. The Company has made a convenient method of sprayable ghee for consumers. The Company sells gourmet clarified butter in a jar. Comparing butter and ghee, the latter has more fat concentration because moisture and milk solids are absent. Ghee may be sprayed in a non-stick pan for cooking or baking. Ghee is lactose-free so those who cannot digest milk can eat ghee.

LunchOwl is a Corporate Food Service provides healthy, delicious food for lunchtime to employees. LunchOwl provides lunch to the employees of any Company. People have to sign up on their website and specify the days of the week. LunchOwl sends them lunch accordingly. Its service provides lunches before noon on the chosen days. It uses reusable packaging to prevent waste. LunchOwl makes affordable and delicious dishes that range from $10 and all items are nutritious. The menu consists of salads, noodles-meat, sandwiches, wraps, side dishes, soups and bottled health-drinks.