Awesome Tips to Record Videos in Your Actions Camera Like a Pro

Photography lovers and the people who want to record all the moments of their lives tend to regard cameras as an important asset. People have been traditionally recording their videos trough their point and shoot cameras, DSLRs, and camcorders. These gadgets though provide good video recordings, they are not robust and cannot be included in action as there are chances of the cameras getting damaged.

This is why action cameras were invented; theses cameras are small light and can be included in action by mounting on anything that you can think of. These cameras provide great video recording quality and can be used in all weather conditions. They can also be used underwater as most of them are water resistant.

Action cameras provide great freedom to people for recording videos whenever they want and in all conditions. However, using these action cameras can be a little tricky, since most of them don’t have viewfinders. People new to using these cameras can miss the recording angles, which could result in bad videos.

Awesome Tips to Record Videos in Your Actions Camera Like a Pro

If you’re new to using these action cameras, here are some tips and tricks that can help you record videos like a pro:


All the professional photographers and pro video makers tend to agree on one common fact that, thecamera is not always the key factor that enables you to take best videos. They emphasize that a good picture or video depends on the person who clicks or records it. This is why it’s recommended that you should be confident about what you record in your action camera. Confidence will boost you to record good videos.


Creativity is what makes your video attractive and different from others. Don’t imitate any videos that you have recently viewed, instead look for possibilities of making a video in your own style. Always remember you with your action camera can take awesome videos that can create ahuge stir among your friends and other photographers. This is why it’s recommended that you follow your own style and creativity.

Shaking issues

 Shaking issues are the most common mistake that people tend to make while shooting videos through their action cameras. The action cameras being small and compact miss out on some video stabilization capabilities, this is why they are more prone to shaking and vibrations.  The best way to address the shaking issue is to invest in good mounts and stable straps that ensure that the camera doesn’t vibrate or shake.

Use angles

Generally, in most action cameras you get wide-angle lenses. These lenses enable you to take wide shots of the subject and provide you great shooting angles. Use these angles to your advantage and take a shot from different angles; this will bring the best out of your recordings.

Edit the video and use filters

There are many external filters available that can provide a great professional touch to your videos. You can use these filters in different conditions, like using red filters for underwater recording, neutral filter for places where there is excess lighting, and much more. Choose your filters wisely and record, this will provide your recorded videos a great feel.

After recording the video, it’s recommended that you edit it providing it some final touches. Try to be creative while editing your videos and don’t hesitate to try different things. Good editing will lead your videos to look professional.