A guide to the different parts of an umbrella

According to historical records, the first umbrella was invented around 3000 years ago. The design of the canopy was simple, and the utility was vast. The canopy was not only used for keeping the harsh rays of the sun away, but it also used to shield the head and the body from snow and rain as well. During the recent times, many fashion photographers used beautiful looking canopies during photo sessions. Apart from the fashion umbrellas, one can also make use of the travel umbrella for meeting their requirements. But the parts of all kinds of umbrellas are the same. In this article, you will take a look at the different aspects of the canopy.

Pole of the umbrella

The main part of the umbrella is the long pole. At the upper end of the pole is the canopy and the lower end of the pole is the knob. The pole is often made of metal or out of wood. If the pole of the canopy is not sturdy, then the umbrella will not sustain for a long time.

Canopy of the umbrella

The canopy is the part that actually shields the head from all natural elements. The canopy is often made of waterproof and windproof cloth. The material is fixed at the joints and also attached to the ribs of the umbrella.

Ribs of the umbrella

Ribs of the umbrella are the thin rods that branch out from the top end of the pole. The cloth of the canopy is attached to these thin ribs at particular places. When the ribs fold in, the umbrella closes, and when the ribs fan out, the umbrella is opened. The ribs impart and hold the shape of the canopy.

Runners of the umbrella

The runner is the circular knob-like structure that slides up and down the entire length of the pole. The runner assists in opening and closing the umbrella. The runner of the umbrella is also attached to the ribs as well.

Springs of the umbrella

One particular feature that you will see in all kinds of umbrellas, especially the travel umbrella is the spring. There are two springs, which are fitted in the pole. The runner gets fixed at the upper spring while the umbrella is open and rests on the lower spring while the umbrella is closed

Ferrule of the umbrella

Though there is no particular purpose of the ferrule, it is mainly used for giving the umbrella a good finish and fantastic look. So, the next time you opt to purchase an umbrella, you know which parts to check.