Choosing Between Bear Back Scratchers and Regular Ones

Most people have tried to scratch backs against wall corners and door jams in vain attempts to get relief from back itchy spots. Animals, like apes, bears, and others, have an easy way to scratch their back with the vast nature at their disposal. They go the huge trees when they live in the woods with super-scratchy bark.

You might not be fortunate enough to live in the woods to scratch your back against the big trees. Fortunately, there are back scratchers that can be mounted indoors on your walls or doors to get really great scratch. You can even choose the smaller handy back scratchers which come in different materials, sizes, and shapes.

Ample benefits of bear back scratchers

Bear back scratchers are 18-inches long made with rows of hundreds of scratching spikes which are flexible and come in the shape of gentle arc. It’s as simple as rubbing your back against the wall attached with bear back scratchers to get a really good scratch. It makes a great gift for just about anybody with itchy backs.

Some bear back scratchers come with limited features, like they can be mounted only to the wall corners or door jams. Choose a bear back scratcher that can be attached to just about any place in your house from flat walls to corner of the walls.

Choosing Between Bear Back Scratchers and Regular Ones

Here’s what you can expect from a bear back scratcher:

  1. Build to last for ages to come

The flexible scratching spikes are made from a polypropylene which provides the unique scratching experience which you might get with other alternatives. Back scratching frame is made from industrial grade elements which make bear back scratchers to last longer than the regular ones.

  1. One size fits all model

Bear back scratches can be used by just about anybody rather than the ones which are personalized for just a single individual to use. You might not have to purchase individual back scratcher for every person in the house when you have bear back scratchers.

  1. Worry not about the extra hardware

You don’t have to worry about purchasing any extra brackets to mount the bear back scratcher to your wall, you’ll get all the necessary mounting brackets and hardware with it. Fixing them to your wall is a cake walk, measure the height, mount the brackets to your wall, and finally attach the bear back scratchers to the wall.

Back scratchers vs. bear back scratchers

You might be in a dilemma when you have to choose between bear back scratchers and the regular back scratchers. The regular back scratchers come in a variety of types, size, and shapes to choose from, while bear back scratchers are limited to a particular model. You can’t be much choosy about you choices when you wish for a bear back scratchers over the regular back scratchers.

You might not be able to take the bear back scratchers wherever you go, it’s suggested that you go for the normal back scratchers if you wish to back scratcher on the go. Sometimes it’s a matter of personal choice to select between bear back scratcher and the regular ones.