Most important appliance in the home

The one of the most important appliance in the home to use in the winter seasons and also raining seasons is space heater. People would feel restless and hectic if they don’t use heater in their home in the cooling season. It will be tough to manage the intense cooling and it will be annoying to survive such a cooling. It is not possible to manage the cooling with warm bed sheets and blankets. The intense cooling can be managed only by using heater that heats the room temperature. The usual heaters used for residential and commercial purposes will cost high electric bills. The best heater appliance to cut down the electric bill to reasonable price is space heater.

The space heater heats only one or two rooms at a time so you can use it only in the room where it is needed. Since it is not centralized to heat the entire house, the electricity bill will be far lower than the bill costs by the usual heater. Different types of space heaters are available in the market from various brands. It is important to understand the prime factors about space heater to choose the best space heater. The most important factors to be considered regarding the space heater are: Size, temperature, features and safety.

Size is one of the important factors to be considered because you should choose the size of the heater as per the room size. More the size of the room is larger the size of the space heater should be.

Temperature–The performance of the heater will be based on the temperature of the heater in watts. The heater with 1500 watts capacity is enough to heat the 200 Square meter room maximum.



It will be best if the space heater has oscillation function otherwise the hot air will blow directly. If there is oscillation facility you will get distributed heat that spreads all over the place and it will heat the room quickly.


Read reviews about the thermostat function because it is one of the useful features that maintain the needed temperature throughout the day. This will reduce the electricity bills as the space heater releases the heat as per the indoor temperature only.

Temperature control

The space heater should have temperature control facility so that you can choose the temperature level as per your need.


There should be proper safety for the aged people, children and also pets so choose accordingly.

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