Tips to caring for your bloom box

Freshly picked flowers may survive anywhere from three to five days, based on how well they are prepared. There are three easy ways to increase the life of ourĀ bloom box flower delivery and you may enjoy their lovely bloom for a little longer.

Vase placement

Avoid placing the container in full sunlight, nearby air conditioning vents, warmers, or blowers, or near ports where draughts may occur. They swiftly dry flowers. Put the flowers in a shady, cool spot.

Retrim stems

Frequently retrim the stalks of your blossoms if feasible. Only an inch or so should be cut away. You’re not just eliminating the chapped edges or rotting when you re-cut the stems; you’re opening it open to ensure increased moisture absorption.


When flowers are plucked, sugar provides carbs that fuel them. They aid in the opening of buds and the extension of the bloom’s life.

Remove guard petals

Guard petals are found on certain flowers, including such roses. The intention of the defender petals, which are the larger, outer edge petals, is to safeguard the internal, newer, more sensitive petals. Guard petals are usually retained by decorators when supplying your bouquet so that the internal petals are shielded during transit.

They have done their part by the time the flowers arrive at your residence, so it’s highly advisable to remove them. To separate the guard petals, carefully pull on the bottom of the guardian petal with your fingertip and thumb to pull it out of the bloom.